Textile pieces


My throws are hand knitted with British wool and backed with recycled cotton velvet curtains.

Why a throw and not a blanket or rug? The simple answer is that I wanted the name to be suggestive, so I'd like the throw to be thrown around shoulders or on knees, or else on the backs of sofas or the arms of chairs – it is to be hoped that no-one will be laying them on floors and placing chairs, tables (or pets) on top!

Some of my throws are showcased below. You can also read more about how I make my throws on my about page.

As Orange As It Gets

As Orange As It Gets: small throw suitable for snuggling down into your armchair or throwing over a slumbering child. Rich russets and warm greys set out like fields in winter.

Shot of "As Orange As It Gets" throw draped to show the velvet backing. Red-brown, grey and yellow wool edged with black velvet and backed with rich red-brown cotton velvet. Work-in-progress shot of "As Orange As It Gets" throw; the throw is without any velvet and looks more like a blanket. Corner of "As Orange As It Gets" throw against a red backdrop, showing the thick black velvet edging.
"As Orange As It Gets" throw draped on a wooden chair and red cushion, with a grey-brown backdrop. Close-up of grey and red-brown panels of "As Orange As It Gets" throw, separated by black cotton velvet strips. "As Orange As It Gets" throw crumpled to show the textures and colours.


"Helen" throw: blue, grey and orange patchwork throw with strips of navy blue, red and brown velvet. Shot of work-in-progress "Helen": the knitted secton of the throw is rumpled on a white bedspread with balls of red and orange wool still attached.

Helen: with its blues and sandy oranges perfect for a cool evening by the coast or back home, a reminder of time spent away.

"Helen" throw spread out to show blue, white, grey and orange patchwork wool sections and navy blue and red velvet strips. A box of pins sits on top of the throw.

Cherry Coloured Twist

Cherry Coloured Twist: bright cheerful reds sitting next to subdued greens, trimmed with cherry velvet.

"Cherry Coloured Twist" throw: pink, brown and green patchwork throw draped over the arm of a sofa.
"Cherry Coloured Twist" throw rumpled on a sofa to show the red velvet backing. "Cherry Coloured Twist" throw spread out on a sofa; the patchwork of green and pink can more clearly be seen.

Ginger and Cherry

"Ginger and Cherry" throw: throw in strips of red, orange, blue, brown and green crumpled to show gold backing and red velvet edging. "Ginger and Cherry" thro draped on a wooden chair against a grey-brown background. The top corner of the throw is folded over to show the gold backing. "Ginger and Cherry" throw: close-up of throw showing gold and red velvet and orange and brown wool. "Ginger and Cherry" throw: the throw is rumpled on a pale green background. Corner section of "Ginger and Cherry" throw showing the red velvet against a pale green bacground.

Ginger & Cherry: warm reds, greens, browns and oranges, reminiscent of winter nights after a meal of warm stew and pudding, cherry and ginger crumble with custard or perhaps a chocolate pudding decorated with angelica.

Shot of work-in-progress "Ginger and Cherry" throw: the velvet backing and edging has not been sewn on and only the wool part of the throw is visible against a white background. "Ginger and Cherry" throw rumpled to show the gold velvet background. "Ginger and Cherry" throw spread out to show the woolen strips in orange, green and pink, with a section of the back folded over to show a triangle of gold velvet. "Ginger and Cherry" throw spread out to show knitted strips in pink, brown and grey, with a section of the backing and edging velvet showing to one side.

Autumn Heather

Autumn Heather: soft green and blues, peaty browns, rusty hues and dusky pinks bring back memories of Yorkshire fields and Devon coasts.

"Autumn Heather" throwspread out on a sofa arm; the throw is a patchwork of orange, brown, green, blue and pink, with strips of red and green velvet across it and red velvet edging.
"Autumn Heather" throw draped over a chair.
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