Textile pieces

Textile pieces

My textile pieces are machine embroidered with silk and organza, using the reverse appliqué technique to build up multiple layers of fabric.

I made my first piece of textile art many years ago at college after experimenting with dyeing fabrics and working with an indigo and starch resist Nigerian technique. From hand embroidery I then moved on to machine embroidery.

Read how I make textile pieces on my about page.


Soluble Fabric

Textile Piece

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"Streams" textile piece: embroidered tree with soluble fabric.

Antelope Head

Inspired by traditional African designs.

"Antelope Head" machine embroidery

Regency Slipper

"Regency Slipper" machine embroidery

Elegant embroidered shoe

Vibrant Flower

Folk art

"Vibrant Flower" textile piece.

Night Tree

In a dark dark wood

"Night Tree" textile piece.

White Tree Series 1

Tolkien inspired

"White Tree Series 1" textile piece: white tree in silk embroidered over a background of green fields and a deep blue sky with red-brown spirals.

African Abstracts Triptych

The African Abstracts triptych is based on African symbols which are often found in Nigerian fabric and carved objects. The rich russet and wine silks are contrasted with the gold and black silks to create a finished effect reminiscent of Russian Iconic art.

"African Abstracts" embroidered textile piece I:  loose triangle shape in dark red, black and yellow, set on an embroidered yellow, orange and red background.

A Study in Emerald

A Study In Emerald. Inspired by a 17th century waistcoat. Worked in emerald silk with shots of fuchsia-pink silk peeking out here and there to add interest.

"A Study in Emerald" finished textile piece: pink flower with bright green leaves on a green background embroidered with red thread.

Stylised Flowers

"Stylised Flowers" textile piece: three stylised gold flower patterns on a pink silk background embroidered with blue thread.

Based on a popular African motif, the Stylised Flowers textile piece has a modern feel to it.

Vintage Spirals

"Vintage Spirals" textile piece: three green spirals with cutout panels of vintage cloth shown beneath, on an embroidered red background..

Vintage Spirals: this with its spirals was loosely inspired by a medieval manuscript. The vibrant red silk and the rich red of the deep cherry material is offset by the soft greens. You can see more work-in-progress shots of this textile piece on the about page.


"Spirals" textile: three spirals in yellow, red/green and blue/orange on a red and white embroidered background.

Spirals: this textile piece has a medieval feel with its rich velvet and warm oranges offset by the flashes of cheerful cotton.

Blue Spirals

"Blue Spirals" textile piece: embroidered red, purple and blue spirals on a red, gold and purple background.

Blue Spirals is notable for the fact that the spirals are not so very blue! This piece is a good example of the organic way in which I work; the top layers of blue silk and teal velvet are present only in a few places, with the red silk and the gold-patterned cotton having the final say.

Victorian Boot

Victorian Buttoned Boot

"Victorian Boot" textile piece: embroidered boot
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